Articles and Book Chapters

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Edited Journal Issues

Critical and Creative Engagements with Petro-Media.” Special issue of Imaginations: Revue d’études interculturelles de l’image/Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies. Guest edited by Rachel W. Jekanowski and Emily Roehl. Forthcoming in Fall 2021.


Humorous Disruptions: Laughter and Technologies of Disruptions in Feminist Film and Media.” Issue 5.1 of Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies (2016). Guest edited by Desirée de Jesús, Rachel W. Jekanowski, Julia Huggins, Tess McClernon, and Vanessa Meyer.


Out of the Dark Stacks and into the Light, Re-viewing the Moving Image Archive for the 21st Century.” Issue 4.1 of Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies (2015). Guest edited by Rachel W. Jekanowski, Sophie Cook, and Papagena Robbins.

Research Creation and Educational Resources

Rachel W. Jekanowski, Fiona Polack, Danine Farquharson, and Dean Bavington, Energy Amphitheatre: St. John’s Harbour. ArcGIS StoryMaps, 2020.


Rachel W. Jekanowski, SPAM (Society, Politics, Art & Media) zine. Montreal, 2019.


Rachel W. Jekanowski, “Speculative Futures,” 2017. Resource Toolkit and Classroom Guide for The Shore Line Project, an interactive documentary directed by Elizabeth Miller.

Current Projects

Cinemas of Extraction: Land, Resources, and Settler Imaginaries, monograph-in-preparation.